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Baby Health: Allergies


Symptoms may be confused with a cold. Symptoms include itchy, stuffy or runny nose, clear and thin runny mucus, sneezing, red or watery eyes, dark skin under eyes, breathing through the mouth, dry cough, rash, or irritated skin.


Histamines in the body react to certain organisms or allergens, causing nasal membranes and blood vessels in the eyes to swell. Some of the causes include:

  • Dust Mites – microscopic organisms found on human skin and on objects
  • Mold
  • Animal Dander
  • Down or feather pillows
  • Horse hair

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If you can, find out what your baby is allergic to. If you can remove that from his environment, do so. If you cannot figure it out on your own, see your Pediatrician. If allergies are severe, she may recommend you see an Allergist.

If your baby is allergic to dust (85% of people with allergies are allergic to dust mites), be sure to dust and vacuum weekly in his room. Wash his sheets and any stuffed animals or blankets in hot water once per week. Be sure air filters and heat ducts are regularly cleaned.

If baby is allergic to animal dander, you may have to give Fluffy the boot. First, try washing her often and keeping her out of reach of baby and see if that helps out. Keep in mind that most babies don’t show allergies until at least 6 months after initial exposure.

If mold is the culprit, use a dehumidifier in moist environments. Use anti-mold cleaner in the bathrooms and kitchen often.

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