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Baby’s Health
  If pregnancy wasn't enough to worry about, now you have a whole separate little person to look after.
Baby Needs
There are so many things you need before your baby is born, we thought we would list them for you. Take stock of the things you will need for baby, and remember that SmartMomma's store can help you with many of these needs!
  As your baby changes and grows, you will notice many new behaviors. Your baby is developing a personality of her own. Along with this exciting time comes some uncertainty, as you adjust to your baby's behaviors.
You've just found a new love in your life. Over the next few months, this love will grow and grow, as you witness his first smile, his first belly laugh, and his first steps. Cuddle your baby as often as you can. Before you know it, he will be a toddler on the go!
Infant Development
  See how your baby is developing month by month.
Keeping baby healthy goes hand in hand with your baby's nutrition. Whether you're breastfeeding, formula feeding, or moving on to table food, nutrition is key to giving your baby a head start in life.
  Play time for baby is a time where she can learn such skills as lifting her head, processing verbal cues, and learning about the world around her. The more you interact and play with your baby, the faster her intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development. So play hard mom!
Gone are the days of reckless abandon before you had kids. Now you worry every time they fall down, cough, or even look at you funny. While it is important to promote safety with baby, remember that spills will happen. With proper planning, you can minimize many dangers in baby's world just by using good old fashion common sense.  
Baby Health
Baby Health: Diarrhea/Dehydration


It is normal for your baby to have up to 10 stools per day. If your baby is pooping at 1 ½ to 2 times his normal weight, he may have diarrhea. Diarrhea is also characterized by stools that are looser, watery, green or runnier than usual. Diarrhea often has a more foul odor than normal stools.


  • Intestinal Infections – viruses, bacteria, parasites, you name it. These are normally contagious until the diarrhea runs its course.
  • Food Intolerance or Sensitivity – Lactose intolerance or sensitivity to chemical additives, colorings or sugars
  • Food Allergy – Normally other signs as well, such as a rash, runny nose, wheezing, cough, etc…
  • Normal changes, as suggested below.

Mistaken for

  • Newborns often pass 8 – 10 stools per day, sometimes runnier, seedier, or more mucusy than usual. These are all normal.
  • Some infants get runnier, and perhaps more foul smelling stools due to a variation in diet. This is no cause for concern.
  • Some infants may have persistent loose, runny stools that never seem to firm up into a normal stool. This can go on for one or two years. As long as your child is thriving, not acting sick, and your pediatrician reassures you that your child is well, then there is little reason for concern.


  • Determine the cause of the diarrhea. Is your child vomiting? Does he have a fever? Is your child dehydrated? Did he get a hold of any food or drink that had been left out too long?
  • Eliminate foods that could be irritating including dairy products (except yogurt) and fruit juice.
  • Determine the severity or the diarrhea and dehydration. Weigh your child daily. Is baby playful? Are her eyes wet?
  • Keep a record of the amount and consistency of the diarrhea for your next doctor’s visit.
  • Hydrate the baby with Pedialyte and breast milk if she is still nursing.
  • Feed your child half as much, twice as often. Ice chips, white grape juice, electrolyte frozen pops should be given for dehydration.
  • Give diet of bland foods like toast, bananas, white rice, apple sauce, yogurt, breast milk, (and formula only in cases of mild diarrhea)
  • If your child has bloody diarrhea, dehydration, severe diarrhea, is acting lethargic, has abdominal pain, or continued weight loss, contact your Pediatrician for an appointment within the day.

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