Implantation Bleeding - But Negative Pregnancy Test Results

You were so excited. You had implantation bleeding, your period was late, and you thought, “maybe I’m pregnant”. You rushed to the drugstore to purchase a pregnancy test and waited for a positive sign to appear. Only it didn’t. You had implantation bleeding but negative pregnancy test results! Now what?

First, did you test at the right time? You should wait to test at least ten days after ovulation, while fourteen is optimal. If you did have implantation bleeding but negative pregnancy test results, wait a few days and try again. Besides waiting a few days to attempt another pregnancy test, you may also want to test your urine first thing in the morning. This sample usually has the highest concentration of the hCG pregnancy hormone.

The beauty of conception is that the typical woman has 10-13 chances per year. Fertile couples have a 25% chance of conception every time they try, which means that you’re playing the odds, and just like Vegas, they will come up in your favor one day.

To bring religion or fate into the equation, maybe you weren’t meant to have that baby in that cycle. Maybe you are meant to have another baby that may be conceived 1 or 2 months or years down the road. The point being, you have plenty more chances, so try to look forward to the next one.

Want to be prepared next time? Purchase an Early Pregnancy Test. These tests are more sensitive than other store brands, detecting the hCG hormone earlier. Or, if you would like some help, see the article: Improve Your Chances for Pregnancy.

If you have been trying for over a year, or six months if you’re over 35, then you should see your doctor. She will do a full fertility workup on you to see if there’s a problem. If you haven’t been trying that long, chances are the odds will be in your favor soon, so keep trying! If you’re stressed, see Stress and Baby-Making to find out what stress can do to your fertility.

If you continue to have implantation bleeding but negative pregnancy test results, talk to your doctor. This may signal another condition that you're not aware of, or you could just be having very irregular periods.

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