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Fetal Development: 9 Weeks

9 Weeks - Pregnancy


Most of your baby’s joints are formed now and he is using them. Baby is flexing and stretching, but it will be a couple of months before you can feel it. Your baby is now almost one inch long and weighs just .07 of an ounce, about the size of a grape. Growing more human like from his early embryo days, your baby has finally lost his embryonic tail.

This 9th week of pregnancy, your baby is being nourished by the placenta, rather than the yolk sac. The placenta is an amazing structure, as it provides nutrients to your baby, along with providing a filter for your baby’s waste.

Your baby is now fascinated with his hand, and he actually has a grip. If you were to place a very small object in his hand, he would wrap his little fingers around it. Speaking of fingers, your baby’s fingerprints are also forming, and they are like nobody else’s.

Your baby’s eyelids are now fused together at 9 weeks of pregnancy and will remain that way until about 27 weeks. This gives his eyes a chance to do some developing of their own. Your baby’s ears, nose tip, and tongue have also formed. All major organs are now present, but need a lot of further development to function properly.

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Even though your baby may be only the size of a grape at 9 weeks of pregnancy, your waistline is expanding, especially if this is not your first child. This is mostly due to your growing uterus, along with gas and constipation, which is common in early pregnancy.

Heartburn, indigestion, gas, and constipation are common right now, as your digestive system has slowed due to an increase in hormones. Avoid heartburn by wearing non-restrictive clothing, eating six small meals rather than three large ones per day, eating slowly, eating fiber-rich fresh foods as often as you can, avoiding smoking, and sleeping with your head elevated. If these approaches do not help, talk to your doctor about what antacids and over the counter medicines you can take.

Now is the time to get in good eating habits for your pregnancy at 9 weeks. Avoid too much fast food, junk food, and greasy food. Remember that eating for two is a myth. You should be eating normally right now, increasing your calorie intake by 300 calories per day eventually. These 300 calories can be achieved with an extra bowl of cereal or a small sandwich; much better choices than Twinkies or cupcakes. Remember to make those calories count. It’s okay if you are not eating much during the first trimester, as many women have aversions to food and morning sickness. Just remember to eat often and slowly throughout the day.

During the next couple of weeks of your pregnancy, your doctor may give you the option of taking a genetic test called chorionic villus sampling (CVS). This test is usually given between the tenth and twelfth week of pregnancy, and is often considered for those women above the age of 35 or who have a family history of genetic illnesses. This test involves removing cells from the chorionic villus, the place where the placenta meets the uterine wall, and does pose a little risk of miscarriage, about one in 200 pregnancies. Talk to your doctor to see if this test is right for you.

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This should be used as a general guideline and is for general information and educational purposes only. Please remember that all pregnancies develop at different rates. If you have questions about your baby's development, please contact your doctor or midwife.





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