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  Raleigh Baby Stores - SmartMomma Baby Gear & Gifts
  SmartMomma would like to announce the opening of our very own brick and mortar SmartMomma Baby Gear and Gifts store. to open in Raleigh, NC! SmartMomma has a diverse line of products just for you and your baby. Visit our store today!   Raleigh Baby Stores - SmartMomma Baby Gear & Gifts
  Your Pregnancy & Baby Headlines

SmartMomma Pregnancy has many tools for your use, along with helpful articles on pregnancy health. Our fun and useful SmartMomma Ratings is designed to help you research the best in pregnancy and baby gear for your life.

  Your Pregnancy
  Checklist of Baby Needs
  As you come to the end of your pregnancy, know exactly what you will need for your baby's arrival and first six months. Check out our checklist of baby needs to help you know exactly what you need for your baby from birth to the toddler years.   Checklist of Baby Needs
  Infant Development
  Do you have an infant 0-12 months? Use our Infant Development tool to see if your baby's on track. You can count on SmartMomma to tell you what to expect next from baby!   Infant Development
Baby Gear Galore Sale at SmartMomma
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