Digital Parenting: The Best Baby Tech and Smart Heating Systems

Even though many generations have survived without the baby tech gadgets, our children today must be quite lucky to have the latest series of smart devices that get rid of the hassles and worries. Babies can be tracked and ensure they live comfortably in the homes, thanks to the modern digital parenting. It is unfounded technique, which is on the rise due to a variety of new baby devices for parenting purposes. Given the many key pointers to the health of a baby, the temperature remains one of the leading aspects. That said, there are models that have been manufactured to read a baby’s temperature and transmit the readings to mobile device or computer for analysis.

Digital Parenting

Any parent out there must check how the child is feeling through testing its temperature. Conventionally, portable thermometers have been in use for many years and are still being used today. Most hospitals, either private or state health facilities, give out baby thermometers to moms for home use. However, wouldn’t it be easier if a model is developed to read a baby’s temperature and send the data to a Bluetooth or internet-enabled device such a tablet or Smartphone? Alright, the Pacific-I smart model works in a similar manner. It has a built-in thermometer and buzzer, making it easier to activate using a mobile device.

In addition to having such high-tech baby gadgets for parenting, smart home heating is equally making life more comfortable for babies. The heating systems are connected to a smart thermostat whereby the home’s climate can be controlled remotely, a good example can easily be a 3rd generation Nest Thermostat. This means your baby will never feel discomfort at any given time. Many parents that are ever moving with the technological changes must have known the secret of having a smart thermostat. From the aspect of energy conservation, the reduction of the pressure on their wallets, and the environmental protection and conservation, these gadgets can offer a wide range of opportunities.

General Benefits of Smart Thermostats in Homes

Benefits of Smart ThermostatsSo, what are the typical benefits of using a smart thermostat in a home? Firstly, the key component of a smart thermostat is the system that can learn a homeowner’s patterns. It relies on the data collected from several days of home’s climate regulation and compares to the data gathered by its sensors, and then comes up with its own program.

Secondly, the programs are created to save on the home’s energy consumption without interfering with the comfort of the occupants. With the large data collected, the thermostat can create multiple temperature settings that eventually reduce the amount of energy usage without compromising your comfort. For a parent with a newborn baby, your home will be kept at the best temperature for the baby, as well as ensuring the energy bills remain normal. These devices are designed putting in mind the energy conservation as a key priority.

Thirdly, a smart thermostat does all the work of regulating the temperature in your house. This means you will not hassle here and there trying to figure out what temperature suits your family. The thermostat creates the programs based on your previous temperature settings of a few days. Also, the wifi-enabled feature means you can control the home’s climate from anywhere as long as there is satellite or wifi access. Another important benefit a smart thermostat offers is the ability to create comprehensive reports on the conditions around the house, as well as indicating how much money you are saving on energy usage.

Nest Thermostats

Before concluding, every parent deserves to understand the best smart thermostats in the market today. Though there are many brands out there, I will recommend the Nest Thermostats. Whether the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation models, you will definitely get the value for your money. However, the Third-Generation Nest Thermostat is the latest version in the market. It will also be pretty good to have the newest model in your house. So, let us look at it briefly.

The Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation: This is the 3rd generation smart thermostat by Google, which comes with a bigger screen for a more improved readability and the ability to see information from a far distance. In addition to its 480×480 screen, it has a resolution of 229 pixels that provides a clearer reading. It is also skinnier compared to the 2nd generation model, but all other features are similar to both models.

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