Do Water Filter Pitchers Really Work?

how does Water Filter Pitchers WorkIf you’re questioning yourself about buying a water filter pitcher because you don’t know if it really works, don’t worry, you’re not the only out there. Actually, you’re one of the many people having second doubts. In this article, we’ll explain how water filter pitchers work and is their water really better.

First, let’s explain how water filter pitchers work. The pitcher is using any kind of water that is poured through the filter placed inside it. There are more different models. Some have one, some have two filters – all depending on the price and style. The filter acts as a barrier between the possibly contaminated water and the actual clean water. Once the water goes through the filter, it is ready for consumption. So what does the filter actually do?

The filter uses activated charcoal which absorbs all the bad microorganisms from the water. Activated charcoal is carbon chemically treated with oxygen to create a special substance able to absorb tiny particles. This means that when water passes through the filter anything that is not H2O will be trapped in the atoms of the activated charcoal.

How does Activated Charcoal Actually Works?

What Is a Water Filter PitcherWhen the carbon is treated with oxygen in laboratory conditions, millions of tiny openings between the atoms of the carbon are created. These openings create a surface of up to 21500 square feet between the atoms. The active charcoal has a great power of absorbing materials and with a surface like that, things get stuck in the small openings of the carbon for a long time.

Now a logical question arises. How is the water passing through, right? This is a good question. The catch is that the carbon is only absorbing other chemicals that are carbon-based. Water might have many other chemicals, like magnesium, or sodium that are good for your body and they will simply go through without getting trapped in the activated charcoal filter.

However, tiny particles that are bad for your organism will get stuck. It is important to know that one filter can’t be used forever. Once a chemical is stuck inside the openings between the atoms, this place is filled. When all the holes are filled the filter won’t absorb bad chemicals and it will be better to change the filter of your water pitcher because it’s pointless to drink water from a filter that is not working anymore.

Can The Particles Disperse When The Pitcher is Dry?

No, they can not. The process of absorbing when using activated charcoal has a special word called adsorbing. The difference between the words absorbing and adsorbing is that the first one simply means to take in some particle while adsorbing means to attach something to itself by chemical attraction.

The difference is important because when the water goes through the filter of your pitcher it will leave tiny particles to it. When the filter dries out, the particles will disperse if it’s a simple paper filter. The filter using activated charcoal catches the bad chemical substances and never let them go again. This is the adsorbing we’re talking about. Once they enter the holes, these particles can’t get out.

That is why it’s important to have a filter using activated charcoal. Because a normal filter will not a perfect job. That is also why you should ask your seller for the specifications of the water filter pitcher they’re selling to you. If they don’t have these features, you should know that’s in not good for you.


To finally answer the question – do water filter pitchers really work – yes, they work. If they are made right and using the right components, then they work and they can produce clean drinking water. The filter they use will capture most of the ingredients that are bad for your health. Feel free to buy one and be sure they are good for you. If you keen on finding a greater solution, whole house water filters might be a good fit!

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