Holiday Touch Ups! Complete Guide Before You Go!

Holiday Touch UpsJust a few days to the get-together season, families or romantic-kind will be traveling for holidays. Many occasions are anticipated and perhaps everyone will want to look their best. It doesn’t matter your age because each and every person deserves it. Now many of you are planning the destinations, and it is no doubt that already hotel bookings are ongoing. These initial preparations are as well accompanied by checklist preparations of the things that should be included in the luggage.

Exfoliation and Facial Mask

For the beauty therapy, some old and young women are already exfoliating their skin. Many are going for face scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells, as well as refine the overall skin texture. This is just awesome because it brings back the complexion in one’s life and triggers cellular generation that adds beauty and prettiness. I have seen many young college girls moving up and down in city stalls and supermarkets shopping different types of exfoliation products. Based on what I understand about these products, it is my sincere hope that they are choosing the right versions. If you are not sure of what you need, it is always advisable to seek assistance from a professional cosmetician.

Another part of beauty improvement is the facial mask that can add balance to the already exfoliated face. Facial masks come in different types including purifying, moisturizing, and tightening. It doesn’t matter which you choose because all can work incredibly well. However, I will also advise you to talk to a cosmetician to offer guidance on what to choose based on the type of your facial skin. Again, don’t forget about a deep moisturizing because it helps to retain moisture on the skin surface.  It leaves the skin feeling soft, glowing, and supple. According to experts, moisturizing gives best results when done in the morning and evening.

Exfoliation and Facial Mask

Alright, we are in the process of understanding the best ways to keep your body looking good before traveling. Of course, you will need to visit several beaches. Here people will be watching your skin, and therefore having a bad looking skin is the last thing you would want. Do not forget about the beach outfits – the bikinis. It is like every woman is ‘competing’ with one another, and therefore you need to make your skin as good as possible. When it comes to skin beauty, some of us may not be comfortable. However, there are various shaving tools such as razors and epilators. These are usually used for removing unwanted hair on hands and legs, but there are also specialized razors for shaving bikini areas.

Bikini Trimmers

You are just beautiful the even without shaving the pubic hair. However, shaving the bikini hair depends on a number of reasons. If you are visiting a beach, you will no other choice as long as you care about beauty. A local drug shop may have a collection of bikini trimmers that can work well. There are also smaller razors or shavers that are specifically designed for bikini line trimming. However, some women may want to leave a thin layer of hair. Those razors may not be suitable for this, but you can use a male beard trimmer that will leave your bikini line look exactly what you want. Interestingly, there are specific bikini area shavers and trimmers that do not irritate your bikini line after shaving.

Brief Tips on How to Shave Using Bikini Trimmers

  • Start by trimming the hair down

Use scissors or trimmer until the hair is a few centimeters long. While trimming, pull the labia to reduce the risk of nicking or getting the skin caught when using an electric trimmer.

  • Take a warm shower beforehand

A warm shower will soften the skin to make the shaving easier. Alternatively, you may soak a soft cloth in warm water and place it on the skin surface.

  • Exfoliate the skin

The exfoliation is important before you start shaving. It makes the hair removal easier.

  • Apply a shaving cream

Experts recommend the use of fragrance-free products or those unscented perfumes. Remember, scented perfumes can lead to irritation after shaving.

  • Shave in the direction of hair without pressing down the razor too much

This prevents the formation of ingrown hairs. Allow the blades to cut the hair without pressing because this can lead to irritation.

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