How to Teach Your Son the Basics of Baseball

Teach Your Son the Basics of BaseballWhile the adults are interested in playing baseball, kids are also concerned because it has a wide range of health benefits. Youth and adults have been actively involved in this game because there is a lot of movement and swinging. However, did you know that kids can as well find fun in this game?

According to experts, the game can improve mental, physical, and emotional capabilities as well as boosting their accuracy and thinking. Kids are happy when doing things together and this is evidenced when playing together. They feel a sense of team working while playing as teams. Nowadays, there are various facilities that provide baseball festivals for children, which are seen as a way to encourage team working at their early age.

Most of the baseball advocates say baseball games can improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity. This is because there are game rules which kids can learn from coaches in order to grow their skills of counterattacking and accurate actions. Regardless of how the kid plays it, they are basically enhancing their physical and mental abilities at their tender age. Teaching your child on how to play the game can increase the skills and also create a special interest, which can turn to be a talent realization.

teach baseballFor those fathers out there who enjoy playing a baseball game, it is the high time to teach their sons. After a few years, these youngsters will develop additional skills to become professional players. If you have been following the trending issues in the baseball game, you have noticed a few emphasis and rules of the game. Manufacturers are also encouraging the safety of the players by crafting more improved baseball tools and apparel. Particularly, the equipment seems to target the youth so that they feel motivated to continue pursuing their interests in the game.

Youth Baseball Bats

youth baseball batsJust before we discuss a few of the major features to consider when selecting a baseball bat, any youth out there need to know several models in the stores. Some of the best and popular youth baseball bats include the SC500 Easton Redline, 2014 Easton MAKO, 2016 DeMarini CF8, 2017 Anderson Techzilla, 2015 Drop 5 DeMarini CF7, and TPX Triton.


As an experienced baseball player, you need to teach your son the difference in various baseball bats available in the market. Perhaps, he will be out there looking for a perfect bat. It is worth noting that wood bats are not ideal for the youth because they are heavier compared to aluminum ones. Of course, the wood bats are relatively cheaper and your son might want to save a few bucks in the process of buying. However, the price should not be the only determining factor on this matter. Teach him to choose the aluminum bats because they allow an easier swing and movement.

Another important thing to understand is the length and weight of the baseball bat. This also includes the drop features. To determine the good features can be intimidating for novice players, and therefore you can guide your son accordingly. You need to remember issues of the size because the weight of the bat has an implication of the playing experience. In this case, the idea of selecting the right drop feature comes in. A larger drop means that the bat is lightweight, and thus you can check the specifications to choose the right bat for your son.

Essential Tools You Need

It is also vital to understand the importance of using gloves when playing the game. They are protective items to minimize the risks of injuries. You can buy them from any local store, but it is advisable to check the material used to make them. Some materials are not durable and that is why they are cheaply sold. I will recommend the leather gloves because they are more protective and can last longer. In addition, there are youth gloves and adults’ gloves.

Another essential tool is the helmet to protect your head. Even if you are just in a live pitching, a helmet is necessary because a baseball can cause severe injuries if it hits your head. The helmets are made of a strong material with a padding material to enhance comfort. Lastly, you may need to have a chest pad and leg guards. This is a must for a catcher because the baseball can heat you anywhere from the head, chest, and legs.

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