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A common complaint of many new vacationing mothers is that baby is having trouble sleeping. Many parents are too exhausted to enjoy the trip. You wonder, “What’s wrong with my baby?”

Your baby is incredibly sensitive to any environmental and schedule changes in his life. It is normal for him to have trouble sleeping when he is in a new place, in a new crib, and often with new people. That being said, what can you do to minimize the disturbance to your baby so that he can get some shut eye?

  • Do not take your baby anywhere were there is a dramatic change in climate or a dramatic increase in altitude.
  • If you are taking your baby to a very dry place, be sure to take or purchase a vaporizer or humidifier for the room he will be sleeping in.
  • Take familiar objects like a music box, favorite blanket, stuffed animal and even his crib sheets with you to put in the port-a-crib.
  • Do not deviate from the bedtime routine. If you always read him a certain story and sing him a familiar song before bed, keep doing that. Routine is more important during vacation than at home to keep some sense of normalcy and familiarity.
  • Be available when he wakes up. If you are nursing, this will often ease his insecurity and help soothe him back to sleep.

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