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Traditionally, the average age of new mothers has fallen somewhere in the range of 20-29. But in the last decade, the number of women that are waiting to have children until after 35 has risen over 75%, while the number of new moms in the traditional age range has declined. Did you wait to have your children until after 35? You are certainly not alone.

What are some obstacles that older moms and prospective older moms face?

What are some benefits and joys of being a mom over 40?

  • Overcoming infertility
  • Financial stability
  • Unselfish attitude
  • Appreciation for life in general
  • Well established career
  • Strong sense of fulfillment

Clearly the benefits outweigh the obstacles, which is why so many of us choose to have our babies later in life. And what about being over 40 and on the playground? We’re willing to bet you’re not alone.

For more support, check with other moms your age for playgroups in the area. Websites like are great for finding playgroups and support groups and posting needs.

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