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Child Care
Now that you have your baby, what are you planning on doing for child care? Everyone needs some type of child care, whether it's for work or just for an occasional date with your spouse or friends. Motherhood is a demanding more-than-full-time job, and you are entitled to some time off. Even if you're not quite ready yet, now is the time to prepare.
Infant Development
How is your baby developing? See our infant development section to see what baby is doing now!
Nursing Baby
One of the great joys (and pains) of being a new mom is nursing your baby. Nursing gives you and your baby numerous health benefits, as well as a time to bond. See below for our answers to your nursing questions.
Postpartum Body And Mind Issues
Congratulations on being a new mom! What an exciting AND tiring time in your life. The first few weeks will seem to go in a blur as you learn how to care for your newborn baby. SmartMomma is behind you as you learn to live a whole different lifestyle, full of demands and joys. Remember, we're all in this together!

Birth Control While Nursing

It is a common fact that exclusive breast feeding is good birth control. In fact, during the first six months of nursing, if you are regularly and exclusively breast feeding (this means night feedings too), you are 99% protected from pregnancy.

The fact is that many of us can’t breastfeed 24/7, so we may only be partially protected. Your baby may be sleeping through the night and skipping her night feeding. You may have gone back to work and pumping.

Whatever your situation, to guarantee your protection from pregnancy, it is best to use a backup method. The good news is, you can go back on “the pill” while nursing, if this is your preferred method of birth control. Ask your doctor for the particular type of progestin-only pill that does not interfere with milk production.

If you are not a “pill girl”, you can still use a barrier method such as a diaphragm or condom. See birth control methods for more information on forms of birth control.

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