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Child Care
Now that you have your baby, what are you planning on doing for child care? Everyone needs some type of child care, whether it's for work or just for an occasional date with your spouse or friends. Motherhood is a demanding more-than-full-time job, and you are entitled to some time off. Even if you're not quite ready yet, now is the time to prepare.
Infant Development
How is your baby developing? See our infant development section to see what baby is doing now!
Nursing Baby
One of the great joys (and pains) of being a new mom is nursing your baby. Nursing gives you and your baby numerous health benefits, as well as a time to bond. See below for our answers to your nursing questions.
Postpartum Body And Mind Issues
Congratulations on being a new mom! What an exciting AND tiring time in your life. The first few weeks will seem to go in a blur as you learn how to care for your newborn baby. SmartMomma is behind you as you learn to live a whole different lifestyle, full of demands and joys. Remember, we're all in this together!

Postpartum Depression

Nearly 85% of all women experience some kind of mood changes in the postpartum stage. These mood swings are caused by the drastic changes in your hormones and can sometimes be compounded by your biologic makeup and the environment around you. Symptoms include moody feelings, tearfulness, irritability, and anxiety. The “baby blues” normally peak in the fourth or fifth day, usually disappearing after the second week after your baby is born. This mild form of postpartum blues will not interfere with your ability to take care of your child. If you are experiencing this mild form of depression, take it day by day. You will feel better soon.

Different than the moodiness mentioned above, postpartum depression is a different animal entirely. Postpartum depression strikes 10-15% of women in the weeks just after giving birth. You are more at risk to experience postpartum depression if you have a history of depression, have had postpartum depression after past pregnancies, or if you were depressed during your pregnancy.

How do you know if you have postpartum depression? Postpartum depression usually comes on steadily during the first three months of the postpartum period, although it is possible for symptoms to come on more suddenly. Postpartum depression is similar to major clinical depression in that it is consistent and may interfere with your ability to care for your baby. Symptoms include depressed mood, tearfulness, insomnia, fatigue, changes in appetite, suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of death. You may become obsessed over your baby’s health or you may even feel disgusted or indifferent with him or her. You may even develop thoughts or fears of harming your baby.

If you are having immediate thoughts of suicide or harming your baby, you must get help today. Call 911 now. If you are feeling that you just need help with your depression, talk to your spouse, a family member, or a friend. Most importantly, talk to a counselor or a psychiatrist. They should be able to help you through this rough time, and possibly prescribe some drugs to make you feel like yourself again.

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