Picking the Right Ice Chest for the Occasion

Having a party for the weekend is exciting and everyone loves a good one by the pool in a friend’s house. Having a cold beer and listening to your favorite music is great but what if you’re the one that needs to manage the party and make sure everything’s in order. Let’s say you’re about to organize a surprise party for your friend. You set up the music, got the balloons and the cake, but there’s no option for keeping the drinks cold. That’s where an Ice chest comes in to play.

Picking the right ice chest, however, is not as easy as one might think. There are lots of models on the market all claiming to be the best. In this article, we’ll explain what you must have and what a good ice chest is. Follow up and learn more.


Picking the Right Ice Chest for the OccasionThink about it, if you’re having a party in the yard, you need the food and the drinks to be cold at all times. Storing everything in the fridge is not an option, so you need something that can be placed anywhere you need it. A good ice chest is the one that will be easy to transport from one place to another. If you’re having a party of just a few friends then you don’t need anything big, a small bag able to store 5-10 bottles will be just fine, but if you’re planning a big party, then you need something else.

If you’re planning a big party it means you’ll need more booze. More drinks mean more space and this means you need a bigger ice chest. The market offers a wide range of ice chest placed on wheels and a container that can fit lots of bottles and everything you need. Simply place everything in the chest and drive it wherever you like it. Just a pro tip, be sober while doing it. Later might be too late to do it properly.


Before you get yourself an ice chest, you need to know what kind of party it is going to be. Of course, there’s no party in the world that happened with the exact number of people that was planned in front. However, there’s a difference between a party of 5 and a party of 50.

If you’re planning a small party you should get an ice chest that’s small and portable. A small party can always turn in a different direction and everyone decides that you want to go someplace else. If you have an ice chest that’s small enough to take it with you, the party won’t become boring because you have no more cold drinks.

If you’re planning a bigger party, then you need an ice chest that will fit as many drinks as possible. There are models of ice chests that are huge and can fit up to 100 bottles inside. Big parties deserve big guns, so don’t let the party becomes boring because you have no more cold drinks.

Cools stuff

Cools stuffCool parties need cool stuff. Lots of models out there have decorations and lights to match your style. The products are in a different price range. We already know Yeti as the producer of one of the best products on the market and there are also yeti-like alternatives you should check in detail.

If you’re into this, find an ice chest that will fit your needs, but be careful about some details. It’s not only important your ice chest look good. It’s more important to be useful.

Lights inside the ice chest are cool and also help because most often parties happen at night and in the dark. Lights will help you see and find what you need inside but be careful when choosing an ice chest with lights. Bulbs create heat and heat will melt the ice inside. This means your drinks will become hot in a shorter time. That’s why you must find an ice chest that has lights with bulbs that are not creating heat.

Also, look for a chest that has more compartments. This way you can make a selection during the party of cold and not enough cooled drinks. As one compartment is depleted, you can refill it with regular drinks. When people get all the cold drinks from the last compartment, the first one you refilled will be cold enough again.

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