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Pregnancy Effects
Baby's First Movements
Early Pregnancy Symptoms
I'm not Glowing. What's Wrong with Me?
Leaking Breasts
Overdue: When there's a fourth trimester
Pregnancy Blues - Depression
Stretch Marks
Teenage Pregnancy: How to Cope
What you Wish you would've Known about Pregnancy Before
What's a Normal Pregnancy?
Health And Nutrition
Activities to Avoid
Breathlessness: Why Can't I Breathe?
Eating for Two? Watch Out
Excessive Weight Gain
Fatigue: Why am I so Tired?
Flu Shots
Genetic Tests: What they Mean
Heartburn & Indigestion
Herbs & Pregnancy
Morning Sickness & Excess Saliva
Nose Stuffy or Bleeding
Over 35 and Pregnant
Prenatal Vitamins
Relaxation: Do it While you Can
Safety during Pregnancy
Sleeplessness during Pregnancy
Vaginal Infections
What I Like Best about Pregnancy
I'm a Person, not a Pod!
Pregnant? Feel Sexy Again
Maternity Fashion
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Stages of Pregnancy

Is your baby kicking yet, or just fluttering? When does he have his fingers and toes? How big is he now? Find out the answers to these questions and check out the stages of pregnancy with our Fetal Development tool. Just scroll down to your stage of pregnancy to see what your little one is up to in there. Not sure what month of pregnancy you are in? Check your due date with our due date calculator! Not sure you're really pregnant. Check out our list of early pregnancy symptoms.

Stages of Pregnancy
By Month

By Week

Wouldn't it be great to have a weekly OR even a daily report of your baby's development in the stages of pregnancy?

Find out how your baby is developing every week. Sign up for our FREE Weekly Fetal Development Newsletter. Click here!

Fetal Pictures

3d Ultrasound Pregnancy Images: See what baby looks like during the stages of pregnancy with these 3d Ultrasound Pregnancy Pictures.


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