Teaching Kids to Keep the Bathroom Clean!

In most homes, you will not be surprised to find that bathrooms are the least vital areas to clean. However, cleaning a bathroom is just simple because there are few decisions that need to be pondered. Despite the fact that the cleaning process is easier compared to laundry, a bathroom that is not regularly cleaned can be disgusting. In a home where there are kids and fewer bathrooms, it is highly recommended to teach them on how to keep their bathrooms clean. Of course, a master bathroom can be your responsibility if the kids are too young to handle a larger space.

Teach your Kids to Keep the Bathroom Clean

Sometimes, the idea of teaching the kids to clean their bathrooms may seem to be so injustice. This is because today’s parents are not willing to engage their children in physical activities. But it is quite important to note that these tasks are of great help to the kids. They begin practicing responsible lifestyles at their early ages and thus become reliable grownups not only at the family level but also in the society. As much as we would want to bring up responsible children, there is also a need to have appropriate approaches when teaching them how to maintain cleanliness in their homes.

Here are the tips;

Choose Good Cleaning Products

Teaching-Kids-to-Keep-the-Bathroom-CleanThis is important for the safety of the kids. Most of the cleaners are toxic and can cause severe health problems to the kids. However, there are other natural cleaners made of herbs. Even if the substance spills or smears on the skin, it cannot cause irritation or burning effect. For those who have been using chemical cleaners, perhaps you have noticed such products form a permanent stain when spilled on the floor. Therefore, choose a good product that can be used by the kids without endangering their health.

Label the Baskets Containing Cleaners

If you are going to engage your kids into cleaning their bathrooms, it is important to label the products properly. Probably, you can label every basket containing specific product in order to make it easy for the kids to differentiate. For instance, the products for cleaning a toilet bowl can be labeled differently from the product for cleaning the wall tiles. Additionally, homemade cleaners are becoming more popular nowadays. You can also label them so that the kids can specifically use them when cleaning their bathrooms.

Prepare the Bathroom

In order to ensure that your kids are safe while cleaning their bathrooms, it is important to prepare the bathrooms first. Perhaps, you will need the kids to use the homemade products rather than the chemically manufactured ones. However, these homemade products only work well on clean surfaces. This means that the surfaces must be cleaned regularly before teaching the kids. So, first clean the overall bathroom using powerful cleaners so that the follow-up cleaning tasks can be smooth. Also, it is vital to have a wide range of supplies for the kids. Remember kids may always want to clean the bathrooms even when you are away!

Remove the Clutter

If your bathrooms have not been cleaned thoroughly for the past few months, probably there are clutters inside the bowls. This is too difficult for the kids, and therefore you need to handle it yourself using the powerful cleaners. The de-cluttering process is just overwhelming, but it will make the subsequent cleaning tasks simple. When the clutter accumulation is prevented, it becomes easier to stay ahead of cleaning. The best time to teach your kids to clean the bathrooms is when the clutter is removed. Also, remember to clean the countertops and leave the soap bottle at their reach.

Appropriate Toilet Flushing

One of the disgusting situations is finding someone did not flush the toilet properly. When a toilet is not flushed in a good manner, it will not only generate a bad odor but also the bowl start to develop stains.In today’s life, high technology flushing toiles are very easy to clean but over time, the stains may build up and become difficult to clean up. Teaching your kid to flush the toilet appropriately is not a stressful task. Kids are naturally forgetful and will fail to flush the toilet severally. However, do not flush when you realized the kid did not. Make it a habit by reminding them the need to flush the toilet, and this will eventually stick into the kid’s mind.

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