Tennis or Racquetball? Which is Better for Your Daughter?

Tennis or RacquetballBoth the racquetball and tennis involve hitting a ball with a racket. However, there are several differences between the two types of sports. In order to be a successful player of either the game, you need to have a specific set of skills. This is accompanied by the equipment, objectives, and the rules that are involved when playing. It is not an easy task to know which is best for you until you play both sports.

For many years, the two sports have been some of the best picks for women. When it comes to the objective of the two sports, a player needs to apply skills when hitting the ball such that the opponent is unable to make an acceptable return. For you to score, your opponent must miss hitting the ball before it rebounds twice. In an enclosed racquetball court, there is no out-of-bound ground because the shots should only hit a front wall before hitting the ground. For an outdoor court where there are no front and back walls, the ball should not cross the back line before it rebounds once. When it comes to tennis, a ball must be retained by the court as it crosses the net from either player’s side.

Since both games have lots of health benefits not to mention the unlimited fun, we are going to look at the benefits for each sport. This is the ideal method that is unbiased so that any mom can choose the perfect sport for the daughters.

Health Benefits of Tennis Sport for Women

Can boost your social skills

Health Benefits of Tennis Sport for WomenTennis is just a social game that allows you to meet doubles partners for competitions or simply girlfriends for a sports date. This offers a full support of social interaction, which has health benefits such as long-life and anti-age.

Can provide vitamin D

Playing tennis on an outdoor court exposes your body to sunlight, which is the main source of vitamin D. As we all know, Vitamin D is quite essential for strong bones, as well as regulating the calcium absorption.

Can improve your mood

Playing tennis is enough workouts that help increase the level of serotonin. This hormone enhances your mood such that you feel rejuvenated and empowered. Once your mood is boosted, your overall body is also boosted.

Can help in weight loss

For those women looking for a natural way to lose weight, do not search beyond tennis. This is an outstanding full-body exercise that can reduce a significant amount of calories in your body. It helps to burn fats, thus ensuring you stay healthy and safe.

Reduce risk of heart disease

Most women are vulnerable to heart disease, and therefore anything that can reduce the risk is highly important. Tennis is an excellent workout that is capable of providing full-body aerobic fitness, leading to reduced risk of heart disease according to guide tennis.

Health Benefits of Racquetball for Women

Benefits of Racquetball

Drive away stress

The core objective of racquetball is to make the opponent unable to return a legal ball hit. Through this kind of competition and engagement, you are already having lots of fun. Since stress has become part of us due to job and family commitments, any woman out there can eliminate such mental issues through this sport.

Can help burn calories

Through the swift movements and swinging, you are already doing intensive workouts. In one hour, you are likely to burn 300-400 calories depending on your body weight. If you have about two sessions each 20 minutes, you are able to lose weight and restore your lovely body size.

Get rid of belly fat

Playing racquetball is an excellent workout to get rid of the unwanted belly. You are always in motion and swinging to hit the ball. This jumping up and down can help to melt the excess fats, and therefore achieve a flat belly as you need it.

Boost the brain

Racquetball is equally beneficial as the tennis. Both offer enough workouts that are not only helpful in preventing heart disease but also boosting the brain. The challenges involved in the sports boost your thinking and improve the flexibilities and capabilities of adapting to other challenging tasks.

In conclusion, both sports offer lots of fun. They allow you to relax, improve mood, and enjoy a good time with your buddies. When you have fun, definitely the body releases endorphins that relieve pain and psychological troubles. Through the brief highlights about the health benefits of the two sports, you can make a good choice of a sport.

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