Top 5 Must-Have Tools in Your Kid’s Grooming Kits

As much as you may need to purchase a pre-packed kid’s grooming kit, you will realize that the package contains a few less necessary tools. That is why many parents nowadays prefer buying the items separately in order to get the exact useful things. For the new moms out there, they usually receive recommendations and the benefits of having baby grooming kits. Being a good idea, the process of identifying the right tools is the sickening challenge. Many kits are full of junk items that not only satisfy your actual needs but also make it difficult to keep your baby comfortable.

One of the reasons these baby kits are basically not fit is the fact that most of them are cheaply sold. Some of the bogus versions contain more than 10 items and a full-package cost around $10 – $15, meaning those tools are just low quality! A baby means a lot to you, and perhaps using low-quality tools is the last thing you would want. Therefore, we are going to look at the 5 major things to include into your baby grooming kit.

Hair Brush and Comb

Hair Brush and CombDifferent babies have different hair in terms of quantity. Some have lots of hair while others have less. According to baby care specialists, chaotic and tangled hair denies a baby a comfortable sleep. Therefore, a good hairbrush that is specifically designed for babies can be a nice option. The best quality models should have particular features such as flexible and round bristles that are comfortable and safe even for the youngest babies. After sprinkling a little water, the brush should be able to untangle the hair. Some hospitals give patients baby hair brushes or you just buy a complete kit containing them. However, it is recommended to shop for a quality brush just for your lovely baby.

Hair Clippers

Any mom out there needs to understand the different brands of baby hair clippers. This is important to avoid choosing a trimmer that is not safe for your baby. Therefore, it is advisable to select a model that has been in use for quite some time. Some of the common professional clipper brands in the market include the Glendan, Yijan, and Gland. More importantly, they come with a wide range of design features.

Nail Clippers

Trimming your baby’s nails is just equally important as shaving its hair. The process of trimming the nails can be scary, especially when using the old’ clippers for adults. The baby’s fingers are too small and soft, thus too risky to hurt your lovely baby. To avoid such bad omens, it is advisable to have the baby clippers that are explicitly designed for infants. You can either choose the baby clippers or baby nail scissors, which are safer and easier to use. The latest baby clippers in the market come with a beautifully designed storage case that prevents rusting, though there is a need to clean them always after use.

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal AspiratorObviously, a baby cannot blow out their noses when the boogies clog the nostrils. During such cold seasons, a nasal aspirator is quite crucial. However, it is important to understand that there are bogus models and high-quality ones. The best choice is the one that works well when you suck at the other end. But the nasal aspirators with bulb features do not perform well, and the worst of it, they attract bacteria. Additionally, the good models have extra features such as filters to prevent snot from entering your mouth.

Baby Thermometer

As I mentioned earlier, most of the baby grooming tools that come in package kits are not as good as those bought separately. Checking the temperature of your baby regularly is one of the best practices as this ensures that the health of your baby is monitored properly. However, you need to check if the thermometer is capable of giving accurate readings. One of the best quality thermometers is the Rectal Thermometer, though it is usually pricier compared to other models.

Based on my view, some of the stuff contained in a baby grooming kit does not work well. If you are in need of filling your baby’s kit, it is recommended to purchase the above-highlighted tools. For those who are expecting new babies soon, I highly advise every mom to make use of the ‘free’ information in this article.

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